Our services

Asset management

Maintaining, increasing and securing value for the future. From performance analysis to strategic planning and transformation, we offer you support and transparency in optimising your earnings and refining your assets without losing sight of the entire life cycle.

  • Performance analysis and optimisation
  • AMP creation
  • Life cycle management

Programme management

From planning to coordination and controlling, we ensure that the combination of all individual measures becomes a coherent piece of infrastructure so that you can achieve your strategic goals in a resource-efficient manner.

  • Action planning
  • Project structure planning
  • Project coordination
  • Process automation

Document management

Infrastructure projects always generate an almost unmanageable volume of documents, plans and contracts. With our systems, we provide efficient solutions for managing and controlling all the documents that arise and ensure that you always have an overview.

  • Plan management and coordination
  • Inventory documentation and migration
  • Document control
  • Library management
  • Construction support

Quality management

We help you to achieve the same quality not only in planning but also in execution, no matter how many projects you have, create programme-oriented specifications and processes for suppliers and project participants, help you to evaluate performance and monitor the implementation of the specifications. So that your project fulfils your expectations.

  • Quality assurance
  • Process development and control
  • Specifications and guidelines
  • Plan review
  • Programme libraries
  • CAD tool development
  • Performance evaluation

Data and process management

Make infrastructure decisions based on reliable data and not on feelings. We help you to collect, manage and analyse all relevant data. With our visual dashboards and reports, we get the best out of the information you collect.

  • Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Query automation & algorithm development
  • Data collection and management
  • Traffic data analysis

Supplier management

We take care of setting up a functioning supplier system for your projects and accompany or take over price negotiations. Our aim is always to create a team and network of strong partners.

  • Authorisation and certification
  • Supplier equipment
  • Training and auditing
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Technical support

Contract management

When do contracts expire, can they be extended by renegotiation and who manages and implements all necessary adjustments? We take the burden off you and take care of all the contracts that are necessary for operations.

  • Contract management
  • Contract creation
  • Term extension
  • Management of legal disputes
  • Management of contract execution processes

Our further services


The success of a project is decided at the beginning. Together we will set the course for the successful completion of your project.



Everything centrally in view. With our own system solutions, we manage all the necessary planning services, approvals and contract awards.



Start operations on time. As a general contractor, we work with our strong partners to ensure that your projects are completed on time.



Developing what we have created together and securing it for the future. That is our claim. We support you with all challenges, large and small.



We are always guided by curiosity and a view to the future. We want to offer you tomorrow's solutions today.