Experts for critical infrastructure

Our company
As a general contractor, management and engineering service provider, we support private and public clients, investors and industrial customers in all challenges relating to the development, planning, construction and operation of their properties, real estate and infrastructure networks.

Our history
Founded 30 years ago as an architecture and engineering firm, we are now primarily active in the field of critical infrastructure and structural engineering. Over the years, we have developed from a traditional building construction background into an experienced provider of customised solutions for all types of construction projects and project management in the telecommunications, energy, mobility and retail sectors.

Our mission
We see ourselves as problem solvers, carers and reliable partners and would like to contribute to an efficient, sustainable and secure infrastructure together with our customers. In all our services, we consider projects over their entire life cycle, aim to harmonise all requirements in the best possible way and bring projects to a successful completion with lean processes. We always focus on the added value for our customers.

Our services

We provide support from feasibility studies and project concepts to site evaluation, acquisition and contract conclusion.

From preliminary planning to a solution ready for realisation. We provide support with planning, approvals and expert reports.

As a general contractor, we provide all the necessary services from a single source and act as a central point of contact.

We provide support from tenant coordination and contract management to the further development of properties.

Orchestrating individual projects to create the big picture - with efficient management for the most complex infrastructure projects.

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