Our services

Design planning

Develop planning in line with requirements until the project is ready for approval. Negotiate with the authorities to obtain approval or efficiently integrate all specialist planning services. We take on or manage all planning services required for your network.

  • Design planning
  • Planning coordination and guidance
  • Cost and schedule control

System development

Develop the modular system for your project. We help you with the design standardization and modularization of planned systems in order to shorten planning and construction times and apply for the necessary type approvals at the same time.

  • Series planning
  • Applying for type approvals
  • Modularization & standardization

Building law procedures

From the classic building application to the air traffic permit, we take care of obtaining all the necessary approvals and expert opinions so that every procedure can be handled completely and smoothly.

  • Permission planning
  • Obtaining approvals under public law
  • Obtaining neighborly consent
  • Preparation of expert reports

Permit management

Do you want to keep track of all applications and the status of your permits? With our permit management, we collect and analyze all process-relevant data in order to identify undesirable developments at an early stage and take appropriate countermeasures in an emergency.

  • Process design and standardization
  • Monitoring of approval processes
  • Correspondence management
  • Evaluation of conditions

Execution planning

Ready-to-implement plans that leave no questions unanswered. We draw up or guide plans for your projects and ensure that each piece of planning contains all the necessary information to enable your project to be implemented smoothly.  

  • Execution and detailed planning
  • Production planning

Tendering and awarding

We supply efficient solutions for automatic service descriptions, including all the necessary parts lists and quantity calculations. In combination with our supplier management, we guarantee that even large quantities can be awarded at the touch of a button.

  • Preparation of the award
  • Award coordination
  • Price comparison list and bid evaluation
  • Bidder discussions

Our other services


The success of a project is decided at the beginning. Together we will set the course for the successful completion of your project.



Start operations on time. As a general contractor, we work with our strong partners to ensure that your projects are completed on time.



Developing what we have created together and securing it for the future. That is our claim. We support you with all challenges, large and small.



Orchestrating individual projects to create the big picture. That is our core competence. We deliver efficient management for the most complex infrastructure projects.



We are always guided by curiosity and a view to the future. We want to offer you tomorrow's solutions today.