Developing your assets further

As soon as business models are based on built infrastructure, properties and real estate, their value needs to be maintained and developed. From numerous planning processes, complex approval procedures, regulatory requirements, conditions, high investment costs, uncertainties regarding future operating costs and expected returns to a lack of resources for facility management, tenant coordination, contracts and complete documentation.

Infrastructure - from branch to telecommunications networks - is determined by customer requirements and is subject to constant and increasingly rapid change to which operators must react quickly. We support you with resources, expertise and experience in setting up and operating passive infrastructure and give you the support you need to take care of your business. Together we will keep you competitive.

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Our services

Integrated project management
Planning, execution and monitoring of infrastructure projects, costs, deadlines and quality.

Contract management
From PPAs to SLAs: support in the design, management and monitoring of contracts and agreements

Risk management
Identification and assessment of risks, development of strategies to minimise and manage risks.

Compliance and documentation
Support in the event of disputes, development and operation of system-based, customised solutions for tracking compliance requirements.

Help with CO2 balancing, LCAM and emissions reduction, integration of renewable energies and offsetting measures.

Digital planning, construction and operation - via BIM, PLM and GIS. Centralise data and speed up processes.

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