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    Welcome to the web page of
    pbz GmbH

operating successfully since 1993

In 1993, the company was established in Essen with the architecture and engineering company fmp, and was extended in 1997 to include pbz GmbH, offering building construction and acquisition services.

The managing director of pbz GmbH are Daniel Fedder and Ulrich Simmet who, in this capacity - and with his partners and employees - have created a range of services of extraordinary quality and perfect utilisation of synergy for you, the client.

holistic range of skills

With currently more than 120 employees and a further large number of freelance service providers and partners, the two affiliated companies operate successfully throughout the whole of Germany.

A team of structural engineers, architects, building engineers and experts has since that time been responsible for providing advice, support, planning and coordination services for building projects for many well known clients.

By expanding the range of services "Acquisition, shared-use coordination and contracts", management completed a further major strategic step in 2002. Today, pbz offers its clients a service for carrying out the complete process roll-out of network configurations in the telecommunications sector.

the latest equipment right from the very beginning

Our employees use state-of-the-art equipment. And of course, our software solutions and data management for managing and monitoring project development are also state-of-the-art.
Planungs- und Baubetreuungsgesellschaft mbH
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