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    We are at the centre of action as advisors, acquisition experts, proactive coordinators as well as trustworthy partners.

contract negotiations - contractual security - contract optimisation

We acquire new locations for using telecommunication technology (landline and mobile), and use them in order to achieve contractual long-term security. In the course of network-driven conversation work, we take on responsibility for the negotiations and contractual security for the new volumes of utilisation with the owner of the property. Does the price for leasing the installations reflect market conditions? We know the answer, and are therefore the right partner for you for optimising contractual arrangements.

assessing aspects of construction law - official approvals - assessment of property register aspects

Our many years of experience and specialist competence as well as intense cooperation with our engineering colleagues (Planning) and the construction team provide our clients with an optimum guarantee for correct and robust results as well as an effective and efficient procedure for liaising with official authorities and the various approval processes in the course of the entire mobile communications expansion process.

coordination of shared use - framework agreement partners - special projects (throughout Germany)

On behalf of major provider of mobile communications services, we are responsible for coordination and liaison of conversion work as the party awarding a contract or the party taking on the contract or as their project manager. We take on responsibility for agreeing terms of rental agreements throughout Germany. In consequence, we know half of all owners with mobile stations on their properties. Our clients accordingly take advantage of our extensive network and the fact that we are recognized and appreciated throughout the sector for rapidly implementing special projects.

synergy forums - acquisition training - certified processes

We are actively involved in innovation management. This is evident in the form of regular synergy forums at which the key staff from all pbz divisions meet with our partners and clients and work with them to develop new solutions and rapid roll-out concepts. Efficient, effective and robust. The acquisition process is driven by human beings. Our internal training concepts for our acquisition activities are in demand for sales and purchasing operations. Our processes are DIN-certified. Our actions are based on quality management under EN ISO 9001:2000, and also comply with environmental management requirements under EN ISO 14001:1996 and industrial safety management under DIN ISO 18001:1999.

legal advice - project documentation - property management

Fully qualified lawyers are responsible for the contractual contents and related advice for our processes. Our contemporary IT solutions which are not tied to a specific location also provide our partners with a high degree of transparency concerning the current project process as well as permanent data tracking. This comprises the network-driven expansion and conversion issues, special use and shared-use projects, as well as property issues which are typical of the fact that the (roof-top) locations are used for many years. We provide our range of services on a TURN-KEY basis.
Planungs- und Baubetreuungsgesellschaft mbH
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