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    We are at the centre of action as advisors, acquisition experts, proactive coordinators as well as trustworthy partners.

ranging from initial process conception and project management right through to contractual assurance

pbz acquisition

Our team comprises experienced acquisition experts, legal experts, project managers, shared use coordinators, process controllers and back-office experts with an affinity for systems; and it is at home with contractual aspects involved in real estate business as well as the upstream and downstream planning of construction stages. Expert and useful information is thus already included at the stage of negotiations held with the owners of real estate, ensuring that trust can be established and maintained.

rapid and long-term assurance of projects

Our negotiations are based on the extremely ambitious objective of combining the rights and obligations to be achieved as a result of the business relations with identifying the benefit - for the specific party to the agreement. Clarity is absolutely essential. In this way, we establish trust and adopt a competent and open approach to assure the expansion plans of our clients - on a sustainable basis.

understanding the market and the interests of our contractual partners

As is the case in many other sectors, the mobile communications market in the real estate sector has been undergoing changes for many years. If a client wants to take the right decision for his expansion plans or his real estate management, he needs an experienced partner who provides competent advice without losing sight of the cost aspect. With our company, you have access to a team with a successful track record of nearly 20 years. We are looking forward to meeting you!
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